Furniture updating

Don't have the money to buy a new sectional for the living room?Still making it work with hand-me-downs from your parents?Small pieces of furniture like stools and chairs, and accessories like lamps and vases, are perfect for spray paint.I love the look of a wood table paired with spray-painted mismatched thrift store chairs — just make sure all the chairs are painted the same color for a cohesive look!It's not surprising; chalkboard paint is cheap and even comes in spray-on versions.

(See also: Surprising Home Uses for Mayonnaise) Those old laminate countertops might be worn out and dated, but new countertops aren't cheap.

(See also: 40 Ways to Use Spray Paint) For a fun and modern update to an old couch, try removing the skirt and painting the sofa legs a bright color.

The same goes for an old coffee table or outdated dining chairs.

Stick marble contact paper on top of a laminate nightstand or use it to gussy up a cheap Ikea side table.

Or, as in this project, use stone-patterned vinyl wallpaper to cover your cabinetry for a unique and luxe look.

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