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Charlie returns to the factory and begins reluctantly laying off his workers.Lauren, one of the women on the assembly line, explodes at Charlie when given her notice, and stubbornly tells him that other struggling shoe factories have survived by entering an "underserved niche market".Returning to London, Charlie meets his friend and fellow shoe salesman Harry, in a pub, to ask for help with the factory.Harry can only offer a temporary solution and advises Charlie not to fight the inevitable ("Take What You Got").Having inherited a shoe factory from his father, Charlie forms an unlikely partnership with cabaret performer and drag queen Lola to produce a line of high-heeled boots and save the business.In the process, Charlie and Lola discover that they are not so different after all.In 2016, it won three Laurence Olivier Awards, including Best New Musical.which was in turn inspired by a 1999 episode of the BBC2 documentary television series Trouble at the Top.

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Independently, Hal Luftig saw the film in London and agreed "that its heart and humanity (and bigger-than-life leading 'lady') would translate well to musical theatre." Fierstein and Lauper had both gained previous critical acclaim and honors in their respective fields.

The production earned a season-high 13 nominations and 6 Tony wins, including Best Musical and Best Score for Lauper in her first outing as a Broadway songwriter, making her the first woman to win alone in that category.

The musical's cast album premiered at number one on the Billboard Cast Albums Chart and number fifty-one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Another young boy, growing up in London, is as fascinated by shoes as Charlie is bored by them, but in this case it is a pair of red women's heels that have attracted his attention, aggravating his strict father. Charlie's father is aging and hopes that Charlie will take over the factory, but Charlie is eager to move to London with his status-conscious fiancée, Nicola, and pursue a career in real estate ("The Most Beautiful Thing").

Charlie has barely made it into his new flat in London when his father dies suddenly.

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