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About 10 minutes later the taxi, after dropping off the other people returned going the opposite direction.I quickly jumped in and locked the doors and told him to "go, go go! After I made my escape, I realized that my hostel was in the other direction and asked him to take me there.

On my long way home from Australia I had a few stops. The hostel I stayed at was an annex attached to a luxury hotel.I advised him that she was, in fact, not my wife and that I didn’t even know what her name was.After much honking and some colorful language from the taxi driver she finally got off of his car and he was able to speed away to my hotel where I was able to enjoy a much desired drink by the pool.The woman in this picture was a very nice German lady and not the least bit crazy.I specifically said that she was not crazy because I did happen upon a crazy lady from New Zealand.One of them dashed off to the main street to keep an eye on the woman who had also gotten off the bus and was searching for me and another one of the gang dashed off to the local whiskey factory where his cousin worked to return with a blue plastic bag of some sort of alcohol that I was obliged to try.With the gangs help I was able so the people below me play their stereo so high my room shakes.after many unsuccessful attempts simply talking, i decided to blast the bass on MY stereo using hiphop master Kid Cudi to shake them ba դւcles• ₁₀ • ₂₈ • ₂₀₁₀ I rarely bring up details about political affairs because I’m not really that much into that type of thing.I do actually find politics quite interesting in theory.The men on the bus enjoyed the show but the woman were sent into panic.They started shouting at me to get my wife to put her clothes back on.

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