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In this case, you need to follow these steps to create a separate PST file for delivering the RSS feed items in the PST location.Open Account Settings in Microsoft Outlook select the Change Folder option and click on New Outlook Data File. After doing this, restart Outlook and check it can fetch new articles or not.In most cases, you do not need to change where RSS Feeds are saved.However, one scenario where you might consider changing the location is when you are using a Microsoft Exchange Server account and your organization has small storage limits for the amount of data you can retain on their servers.If something goes wrong in between, you might not receive new updates from that feed.You need to make sure that the Update Limit feature is turned on.If you check for updates more frequently than the specified limit, the RSS Feed publisher can temporarily or permanently block your access.Neither Microsoft nor Outlook can assist you if your access is suspended or banned by an RSS Feed publisher.

If the profile gets corrupted in some way, you might face such problems .By default, Outlook shows the website name as the display name of an RSS Feed.If you want to change it, open the Account Settings window and switch to RSS Feeds tab. Thereafter, you need to enter a new name and save your changes.However, Microsoft Outlook 2010 offers several customization options, including how frequently you get updated RSS items, where RSS items are saved, and whether or not to download attachments.When you subscribe to an RSS Feed, Outlook periodically checks for updated postings.You then need to delete the existing profile, create a new one, add email accounts to that profile and then add new RSS feeds.To delete the existing profile, open Control Panel on your computer and change the view as Large icons. Next, click on Show Profiles button Anand Khanse is the Admin of The Windows Club.com, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP.On the next menu, select Schedule an automatic send/receive every [n] minutes and set a value there. You can store RSS Feeds data in two different locations, i.e., in your Microsoft Exchange account or on your computer as a file.If you have chosen the second option when subscribing to a new RSS feed, you can change the folder location.If you are receive a summary of all the articles in RSS feed and want to download the entire article, here is what you need to do.Open the RSS Feeds tab in Account Settings of Outlook and select an RSS Feed.

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