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Multiple media and Teen Violence In a 2009 study that looked at teen’s favorite television shows, movies, and video games since they were seven years old, it was found that the total exposure to violence calculated from this data correlated to a higher risk of general aggression and violent behavior as teens.In this study, data on other factors was considered.Television Media and Teen Violence A study reported in 2001 found a connection between dating violence and carrying a gun on the one hand and watching pro wrestling shows on the other.The researcher pointed out that not only do the wrestlers fight each other, but the women are involved in the fights.A study published in 2010 may perhaps deserve more weight because it is recent and is able to take past studies into account.The author shows that the claims about links between violence being linked to video games are hard to fathom given increasing playing time and decreasing violence by teens.

This suggests that such lyrics are likely to escalate violence rather than serve as catharsis.

The researchers claimed that an increase in acted out physical aggression occurred 3 to 6 months after the students played the violent games.

The use of students from countries with different attitudes towards violence was an attempt to rule out the possibility that students who are more aggressive naturally would be the ones to prefer violent video games.

However, the effects seem to be of short duration, and listening to a non-violent song following a violent one may dissipate the effects of this type of media and teen violence.

In addition, the researchers note that while the lyrics may be violent, they may also be unintelligible, diminishing their effect.

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