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Of course if your primary goal is to be rich, your main account is the trader. The first step in the way of building a trader (or rather any) character is to learn cybernetics. This skill allows you to get implants that speed up your skillpoint collection.

The 2 implants costs around 2M ISK, money you don't have as newbie.

However it does not involve shooting things (players, NPC pirates, asteroids) but transporting items between systems and updating market orders. This is a rather long guide and you are not expected to read it at once. Items in the game are generated by Pv E activities: killing NPC pirates, running errands for NPC mission agents and mining.

The people doing these want to sell their wares to players who want to use them.

That's 18 years and 2 months with the best implants, using perfect attributes.

However you are allowed to have more than one account, so have several characters learning things in the same time.

EVE online is a free2play game if you know how to get ingame currency (ISK) as you can buy PLEX for ISK from other players.

They "create" PLEX by buying it in the item shop from the developers. You can buy every single ship and item, nothing is "soulbound" like in Wo W.

Important: do the career agents for the faction you want to trade for.One of them learn industry, the other learns small ship combat, the next one battleships, the fourth logistics ship (healer), the fifth capital ships and so on.Each account need to be paid and if you have ISK, you can pay them all by PLEX. It offers you much higher income than any other EVE activity.Added info tooltip to Station Owner Tax on Reprocessing Calculator to specify what it exactly is. Updated Advanced Industry skill percentage per level to 3% on manufacturing calculator which was introduced in latest patch.Added info tooltip for Manufacturing Calculator slot modifiers, explaining how they work. Sorry to all donators whos donation is not in the list (Mostly the donations long time ago). Improved Manufacturing Calculator manufacturing time calculation. Updated material calculation formula to retrofit with the latest patch rounding issue fix. Fixed Process to Warehouse on manufacturing calculator where it would not subtract materials from warehouse, but would still add the final product. Some donators names are lost because EVE API stores only 1 month of data in wallet Journal.EVE-Cost is a third party web based tool for a game called EVE Online.EVE-Cost main focus is to help ease industry management in EVE. They are now /warehouse/index/list/:id instead of /warehouse/custom_list/:id .The skill points just appear from nothing in real time, regardless how much you play.430112255 skill points are needed to learn all the skills in the game.Since EVE-Cost is a evolving project, there will be new features every now and then. Warehouse settings button looks like the other settings buttons now. Fixed reprocessing calculator formula to match ingame quantities. If you find something broken, please send feedback.Settings saving is also with JS, like everywhere else. So whenever you come back to warehouse page the last used list will be automatically loaded. 5.09.2014 Fixed a bug in saving Industry Jobs to database with wrong completed Date and pause Date data.

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