Error updating view attempt to reopen an open container

The next best approach is to use Activity Monitor, found in /Applications/Utilities/ and then narrow down the application name or associated process and kill the process directly.

Forcing the app or related process to quit is typically sufficient, and you should now be able to relaunch the application in question without seeing the “Application is not open anymore” error message.

Have you seen this weird “Application is not open anymore”error before on your Mac?The app should open without a hitch, allowing you to go back to what you were doing with that application in question.Rarely, rebooting the Mac is required to fix this issue, and typically that is only necessary if the application throwing the “application is not open anymore” message has many associated or child processes that are also stuck that you haven’t been able to successfully track down in Activity Monitor to force quit.If available User Interface Privilage Isolation (UIPI) restricts passing messages between applications running on different integrity levels.Explaining effects of this privilage isolation on drag and drop operations, Nimi Places has to run on: Therefore, we recommend running Nimi Places from under Program Files location and ensuring that running user has granted Nimi Places enough rights to interact with the other processes (e.g.: run as administrator).Localization XML files should be placed under Localizations sub-folder of Places directory located under Nimi Places executable location.If added correctly those should be immediately selectable from language selection menu.Other websites may not be as well-warded as ours, so please use your best judgement when clicking on unknown links.Hi All, I have a solution with container field containing pdf file.After selecting new location, it will be enlisted under its container type subcategory of added elements list.New container will be displayed after closing settings window (which happens automatically, when it loses focus) and not immediately.

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