English sex chatrooms

It is not offensive to talk about nakedness when it is not in a sexual context, ever.

No sexual material means pornography, sexually explicit texts or talk, discussing sexual acts etc.

Sometimes they are not even sentences, but just a few words that are not really correct grammatically but may be typical of the way we speak in a quick conversation with friends.Sometimes you need to register to enter a chatroom.This means that you need to provide a username and password, and possibly your email address. It can be your nickname or any name you want (if it is not already in use).Josef Essberger The verb "to chat" means to talk (to someone) in a friendly, informal way.Today there are many places on the Internet where you can chat.Mentioning a book or movie that is the current box office star but might not be PG rated is certainly not forbidden.Neither is talking about the intent of a movie or book, as long as one does not go into detail.When you have your username, other people in the chatroom will call you by that name and nobody else can use it.Chatting is a good way to practise your *informal* English.- it does not mean that talking about romantic relationships, kissing, love, feeling attracted to people and so on is a taboo subject anywhere on HOL.In fact, these are integral and important parts of the Harry Potter books and films, and rightly so because romantic feelings are nothing that is restricted to adults or older teenagers as most of you will probably know by experience.

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