Eclipse maven updating indexes forever

The Download Remote Indexes configuration also needs to be enabled on the proxy repository.This task allowed you to download the feed for a Nu Get proxy repository.This task expires the caches causing Nexus to recheck the remote repository for a proxy repository or the file system for a hosted repository.You can configure the repository or group to be affected with the task setting To speed up searches in Nexus, this task tells the internal search engine to optimize its index files.It will purge orphaned API keys e.g., after users reset their token and should be scheduled to run regularly, specifically when internal security policies for password resets and you are using an external security provider like LDAP with this requirement for resets to access Nexus.

For example, it should be scheduled when using the User Token feature or Nu Get repositories.

Just as Maven downloads an index from a remote repository, Nexus can publish an index in the same format.

This will make it easier for people using m2eclipse or Nexus to interact with your repositories.

You can configure the duration of inactivity to include the days after the repositories are dropped as well as the status of the repositories.

Any change of the staging repository like a state change from open to closed to promoted or released as well other changes to the repository meta data like a description update are counted as an activity.

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