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I went on one date with a girl who was about 30 and still living with her parents. She lived in a little world that seemed to make her happy, though she did seem to have a need to put people down, compete with everyone about stupid little things, and tell the jokes that were barely funny in grade eight. I couldn't imagine still living at home at 30...would have been nice in a way, put all your money in the bank to save for a huge downpayment for a home etc.But come on we all have to grow up and still being at home at 30 is just plain wrong.Not a hell of a lot..are you waiting for the right one to come along...marry her/him and move from your parents house into 1 with your wife/husband so they can look after you like your parents did. I have left for periods of time but have had to come back.There are legitimate resons that some of us are there.

But if it drags on too long, it will start to have negative psychological effects.

I am not saying that some of what you are saying isnt true, I am saying you cant make these generalizations and apply them to every circumstance. Unless you are living with your parents under certain narrow reasons...recent divorce, parents sick and your taking care of them, etc there is no reason for an emotionally intellectually mature adult to still be living at the parents house. That would be the only time I would be living with her on anything resembling a permanent basis. Anyways, I just thought I would share seeing the topic of the thread. I help my parents financially, and with anything else they need. The way I look at it is my parents are not going to be around forever and I've lived on my own, with room mates whatever but I would rather spend my days at work knowing that when I get home, my stuff is still going to be there and there isn't going to be a bunch of losers hanging around looking for a free meal or a place to crash. I don't know where people get off thinking that ppl that are over 30 and still living at home are what you call ADULTECENTS... Reason: I single-handedly doubled their health insurance premium, and when another company bought them out, the one condition was that the health insurance premium be brought back to normal. So I did in fact move back home with the folks in 1998. I buy my own food, cook 2 meals a week for all of us, I help them with whatever needs doing to or around the house (last year, we installed new-construction windows in a 35-yr-old house...

You see the commercial that says "Want your kids to leave home, stop cooking with cheese." Well I buy the cheese and I am one proud 30 yr old to say that I live at home....... I am 30 and I still live at home, there are reasons that I live at home that are none of anyones business but I have a great job, own my own car (BUT drive my fathers 2006 Dodge Charger whenever I want to) and run my own life. I needed a roof, food, and access to the doctors in Boston if something went wrong. THAT was a learning experience), and in exchange, I get....................... I was in a relationship and we shared an apt for 3 years.

I went back to university, I was sick for several years and now that everything is on track (within the last year I have been well enough to get a permanent job with a union/health benefits if I get sick again), and I have to clean up student loans!

In my city, you cant buy anything with a single income and rent is more expensive than a mortgage.

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