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A highly polished silver surface on a copper plate was sensitised to light by exposing it to iodine fumes. Daguerreotypes were sold in Britain throughout the 1840s and into the early 1850s.After exposing the plate in a camera it was developed with mercury vapour. Access to the studios of photographers working with the daguerreotype process around 1850 would have been limited to the middle and upper classes.1890s Women wore tailor-made suits and plain with little ornamentation (brooch at the neck), hair in a bun with no fringes.Sleeves became wider until by 1895 the 'leg of mutton' shape with sort of upstanding 'wings' on the shoulders.Size Daguerreotypes were produced in a range of sizes, but most portraits are quite small, usually around 2×3 inches.John Adams Whipple (1822–1891), working with George Phillips Bond (1825–1865), the director of the Harvard College Observatory, endeavoured to create lunar daguerreotypes of a quality never seen before.Most processes and formats were only popular for a limited time, so if you can identify these you will also have a rough idea of the photograph’s date.With just a basic knowledge of what these physical clues can tell you, you are well on your way to revealing the mysteries of your family photographs and their subjects.

He and the Princes visited Europe and America on a diplomatic mission in 18.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showing you how to date your old family photographs by format and process, using the photographic techniques that dominated the first 100 years of commercial photography.

Frustratingly, old family photographs often come without any accompanying documentation so it can be very difficult to identify their age.

Most cartes were head and shoulders only, the backs were very elaborate and artistic, coloured backs and gold print common.

Plain backs with the photographer's name on the lower front, some like this occur from about 1889.

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