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Original Transformers Gec KT66 Tubes REF 7202 This JTM45 Super Tremolo this is an outstanding example with Mustard caps dating late 1964 early 65 this is a very early script logo Bluesbreaker head sorry this amp is now sold ********************************************************************************************************************************************** Marshall 1968/69 Plexi 20watt El84 Combo 2x12 20w Celestions Thames Ditton T1221 FA.

CONDITION WELL USED PLAYER 6 OUT 10 "GREAT TONE" Hi Res photos on request sorry this amp is now sold.

The geth as a species are some of the most interesting artificial lifeforms in games, as nanites operating as a hivemind loaded onto specific "platforms" (ie, bodies), and most of the narrative arc involving them has to do with whether or not the player wishes to recognize them as actual living beings.

Enter: Legion, who contains more of these geth nanites than most platforms, and whose motivations can't be easily pared down to computer logic.

And if it did matter to him, then move over, Joker. lore, Cortana is both Master Chief's implied love interest and surrogate mother figure, being based on the scientist who oversaw the supersoldier project which trained him from childhood. As an AI, Cortana mostly exists in Master Chief's brain via a data slug, periodically uploading herself to whatever external data networks need infiltration or the like.A robot character's narrative arc is almost always about their emotions (or the discovery thereof), meaning that -- to me at least -- it's the purest expression of falling in love with somebody for their mind.The fact I'm also jealous of their replacable body parts doesn't hurt, of course.When Legion shows up in offers us plenty of options, with not one but two artificial lifeforms among the main cast.Where Legion is coded vaguely masculine, EDI is definitely coded as feminine, especially when she obtains her curvy gynoid body in basically stops exploring once EDI gets a human body. Little did they know then that they were at the threshold of a rock 'n roll revolution... This two piece setup, the head and cabinet, were sold together as Model 2059. Their first amps were very heavily "inspired" on the 1959 Fender Tweed 4x10" Bassman. In the brochures they were called Artist, but the panels on the amps show Artiste. The head amp was also available seperately as model 2048. The schematic is the same as that for the 2040 Artiste amp.(CAB ONLY JTM "Below"or 20W PLEXI "Above" AMP HEAD'S NOT INCLUDED) ******************************************************************************************************************************* This18watt amp has early original RS transformers and components with two original mustard caps dating late 66 and early 1967.The Mustard caps are great way of dating vintage amps as they are very reliable and they almost never need to be replaced.I get why Bio Ware did it, but I would have much rather seen how her and Joker's relationship had progressed had she not picked up a sexy lady form.Space opera has taught us there's no finer relationship than between a pilot and his ship, after all.

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