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Hilton Head Island is a beautiful vacation destination in South Carolina, complete with sandy beaches, great golf courses and a diverse choice of activities.The island is interlaced with an extensive network of trails so that you can easily explore it by bike or on foot.

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I have been to Newport for 2 bachelorette parties this summer, both different from the other, but equally as FUN. Bachelorette Weekend # 1 – Christine Dunn (Longdon) We drove to Newport bright and early on a Saturday morning, and were picked up by a driver at our very affordable (hard to do in Newport) hotel, Motel 6.

I think that things happen for a reason and this is just what was best for us.

These are just 3 vineyards out of the many in RI surrounding Newport.

We then took a water taxi downtown, had drinks on the patio of the Black Pearl, and then ended the night at One Pelham East where we danced and watched Christine forget the words of the song she was singing on stage.

We spent Sunday morning at Second Beach, and then made the trek back to Boston. Bachelorette Weekend #2 – Amanda Shutts We arrived on Friday night, and stayed at the beautiful Wellington Resort on Thames Street, in the heart of Newport.

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