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Many of these men will date her or even live with her for years while refusing to marry her–just in case someone better comes along.

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Putting the right effort into dating will save a lot of trouble later in your marriage.He knows that if he messes up, she is going to be gone, with some other guy.And he knows that she would be the one he would miss the most, because she had the most to offer.Imagine you have been in a relationship with a man for a long time. He says that he loves you, you talk about the future together, you drop little hints and “accidentally” find yourselves looking at the engagement ring display in the mall jewelry store. Keep in mind that if you are dating someone who is considerably more wealthy or famous than you, he will not be particularly attracted to you if you are mainly attracted to what he has rather than who he is. After finding out who she actually was, I never took advantage of her fame or wealth, though I did ask her if we could go dutch when we went out (I was only making a week at the time).This makes her a challenge, makes her special, and it keeps him in love with her.She is not high maintenance and if he stops seeing her she is not going to text him everyday asking what is wrong.Some men grow up in loving and conservative families.They often have little dating experience and quickly fall in love and want to commit. She could never really know if people liked her for her money or not. In my earlier years, I dated a rich and famous woman, but she tried to hide her identity from me and others.

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