Dating deal breakers for men

Davies’ observation about age as a factor for men who want children is echoed by dating and relationship expert Jo Barnett, who is quick to point out that, through her work, she has seen straight women still choosing men based on their income.“Women are sadly conditioned from very early on that a man must be able to provide, to have his own home and to take care of her,” she says.

“Of course, times are changing, but the perception that the man 'should' be able to provide is still in place.”Perception is key here, with both Barnett and Davies repeatedly telling me the impact that social media is having on our relationship expectations: #couplegoals are informing our dating lives IRL.

and to go for ‘good and beautiful’ Russian and Eastern European girls instead.

We also shared how single Brits are blowing over £3000 a year trying to impress new partners – spending more money than anywhere else in Europe.

According to the nation’s males, annoying laughs, swearing too much and being overly dramatic were likely to put them off seeing that person ever again.

Overall, one in two (51 per cent) of Brits would not see a suitor again if they had body odour, while more than a third (36 per cent) would kick a potential partner to the curb if they had bad breath.

These men are revealing their absolute deal breakers that kill any potential for a relationship with a woman they're dating.

From problems with physical appearance like being overweight to frustrating behavior like clinginess and immaturity, here's what they had to say.

My recently married friend’s main complaint was: “Owning an Xbox or games console and expecting you to watch him play it.” I could only assume that her husband does not do this, or else this was a superb display of marital passive-aggression.“Doesn’t ski” was the response from a friend I lose to the mountains for half the year.The research revealed almost a quarter of Brits (21 per cent) have fallen for someone after seeing a picture of them online.However, the reality is often a crushing blow, as one in five (19 per cent) claimed when meeting their dream date in the flesh, it was usually a “bitter disappointment”.HAVING a dodgy man tan and flirting with the waitress are among the top datingdeal breakers” for the nation’s women, according to a new study.Researchers took a detailed look into the love lives of single Brits and came up with a definitive list of dating faux pas for both men and women.In fact, a fashion-conscious 21 per cent would end a relationship if the person had bad dress sense.The research of 2,000 single Brits by CB12 Spray highlighted a host of first date deal breakers for both men and women – with being late and not listening when you are talking are among the list of things which put females off instantly.Calling out men for their lazy choice of shoes is what Plunge are calling "the ninth wave of feminism." After all, when we spend hours waxing, plucking, scrubbing and tonging – the least they could do is not put on a pair of winkle-pickers.Bad footwear is just one of the items on a groaning list of deal-breakers that I am surprised to find my friends have when it comes to dating.Dating expert Lydia Davies, of matchmaking service Mutual Attraction, talks me through the nuances of male and female expectations when looking for a partner.While women have far lengthier and excruciatingly detailed requirements, men (particularly straight men) have deal-breakers that are more skin-deep. While many may seem superficial and trivial, they often pertain to important lifestyle choices.

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