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Others who struggle with unresolved grief may become preoccupied with the lost loved one and have a hard time talking about anything else. When this occurs, the grieving person may start to feel hopeless or helpless, experience persistent fatigue, have difficulties sleeping and find it hard to concentrate.

Depression also increases the risk of suicidal thoughts or actions.

The therapist will also give you strategies for dealing with the waves of grief you may continue to experience for some time.

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Other risk factors can raise the chance for substance abuse during the grieving process.In fact, they may refuse to talk about the death or about the person they lost.This most often occurs when there is shame or stigma connected to the death; for instance, if the loved one died because he or she was driving under the influence.Someone unable to work through their feelings of loss in a healthy way may self-medicate, turning to alcohol or drugs.While these substances may relieve or numb the grief-induced pain, the effect is short-lived.An alcohol or drug rehab treatment center may start with a medical detoxification, if necessary.During detox, patients are supervised by health professionals, as the toxic substances are eliminated from the body.A skilled therapist can help you express grief-related emotions, like sadness, frustration, or anger.He or she will help you find ways to cope with painful feelings as they arise, without the use of substances.Unfortunately, for some, self-medicating emotional pain can lead to the development of a full-blown alcohol or drug addiction.Grief’s Impact on Mental Health Grief can take a serious toll, even on the most resilient individuals.

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