Dating affiliate software

With this solution, the webmaster can build his own brand with his own domain and customize the design.Nevertheless, he uses - invisible for the end-user - the database and functions of the dating plattform provider.These are categories that it is realistic to build an entire website around.The great thing about a nerd website, for example, is that it leaves you plenty of classic “nerd” areas to expand into further down the line.

With the CPL model you earn money for every signup of a new member and with the CPO model you get a commission if a referred member makes a sale (= paid membership).

Maximum sales are always achieved when the advertised dating site is matched with the right dating traffic.

Whitelabeling: A so-called white label solution can be very interesting and lucrative for marketing online dating traffic.

You can segment the dating market based different factors: As you can see, these less competitive keywords still have significant search volume.

“Gay dating sites” is searched for 14,000 times per month, “dating sites for nerds” gets 1,800 searches a month.

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