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I think when you say "i'm a fairly spontaneous woman, often distracted, frequently change my plans, often don't complete what I start, and can get very impatient waiting." What does that mean in terms of relationship? You are saying those things because they sound casual, nice, spontaneous and cool but in a long term relationship, are you able to plan, control your attentions span and follow anything that is not always about you and always involving your gratification?If you can do that, then perhaps you are not as spontaneous as you think you are or you have not met someone you want to slow down for.Check out the Characteristics of a Motivated to Marry Dater at In my life experience, I have dated all the guys having those qualities and I have dated those lacking them just to know what that looks like too. I am disgusted and laugh at times at these "Advice" page's! But if you ste in your life then you'er in a better position to know exactly what you want from a relationship! But I think its done just to "harvest" email address etc!At the end, I learned, you really cannot wait and see what that person (whom you have not met yet) is like or will be. The best you can do is: YOU develop good attention span YOU learn how to delay gratification YOU learn how to be consistent and not a flake YOU make your own achievement You can guarantee only for yourself not for a person you have not met yet. In doing that I was HURT and feel I can never go through looking again. They tell you everything but the most important advice in my book! In today's world, personal technology has become a defining aspect of how people interact, even at the intimate level.My clients look for people who share their life goals and their core relationship values.Self control is important- and it can be taken too far.However, when I thought about it, I didn't see myself there.

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You don't know if you are meeting the real person or who they want to project to you. When you find yourself and are happy with your self you may find you don't need or want anyone else in your life!

A relationship requires coordination and consideration...spontaneity even if two people are both exactly same in spontaneity, it creates a lot of problem especially when kids come...cause an individual cannot see beyond his/her needs.

What I found with my clients and my own dating history, is to look for someone who is someone you respect and show kindness. If they are inconsiderate of others in your presence- then one day they may be the same to you.

These usually include various physical attributes, intelligence levels, and personality quirks.

Most of these are deemed important to the individual doing the qualifying.

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