Dating a drama queen

Of course this usually results in confrontations with other women - which she loves. Loves Negative Attention Negative attention is mostly what she gets in her life. She gets off on fighting and having lots of negative energy around her. Do not hook up with a woman like this because she will only cause fights and misery in your life until you end it or she smartens up, whichever comes first.

The misery you will have to go through in the meantime is not worth any outcome that may or may not show up in the future.

Now, I want to be fair to the men for a moment and acknowledge that my issues and insecurities are mine to OWN!

However, I have experienced your complaint with men and online dating more than I care to and I feel it needs to be addressed.

When did men become so shallow and why is it making me feel so bad about myself and my body? BROOKE: Amanda, welcome to the "Single Girls Insecure Club!

I feel like the guys online are consumed with a woman's body and are looking for "perfection." I am constantly being asked for more photos and full length body shots.I am an actress, as well, and have received fan mail with ridiculously flattering compliments, so I must not be too scary (Jokes the Scream Queen)!That said, I am very aware of my strengths and weaknesses!Seriously though, I chose your question, because it struck a chord, as I have been through this too many times and can sooo relate!I also know that many of my female readers (And single male readers! In fact, this just happened to me a few times recently with online dating, so I am freshly prepared to vent with you!This brings up all my body image issues and I feel myself going right to the space of not feeling good enough!Then, I have to check and coach myself and ask, "Wait, I don't feel good enough for WHOM? I allow myself to not feel good enough for the disrespectful guy I don't want to date in the first place (ya feel me, Amanda? This situation is hilarious and just happened to me a few weeks ago. He looked handsome in his photos and posted that he was 45, although I kept thinking he looked at least ten years older than that.You think a drama queen would be easy to spot, but sometimes you end up dating a girl for a while only to realize that you have a huge drama queen on your hands once it's too late. She Goes For Players and not Good Guys She thrives on dating guys who treat her badly or are just plain not good for her.Then you have to go through the process of dealing with her for as long as you can stand it, or breaking up with her which sucks do to. She will wait forever and a day for this guy but quickly reject 'good guys' because they are too boring for her. Believes that Men Who Show Interest In Her Are Not Her Type Good or bad guys can go after her with fury but because they show some interest in her she doesn't give them the time of day.I mean, I am still a little old school and I believe in respect and the rule that a true gentleman never asks a lady her age or weight.I think I am very fair and reasonable with the photos I post on the online dating sites, I make certain I always have a few full body shots posted and I list my body type as "average." That should be enough to give a guy a pretty clear idea of whom he is going to meet, right?

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