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Initially I considered the bottle to be much less real and more alagorical.

Now I'm not sure whether his psychosis is the result of alcohol or not.

i guess it would still be playing on my mind....which is still genius!! Damien's reading was light, but the story itself wasn't for me, apart from the funny bits (and i did find it funny in places), that juxtaposition of a light reading against an increasingly disturbing story gave the words more power.

And I loved the casual/matter of fact delivery that Damien gave it....totally added to the whole 'did i just get that? Interesting about the metaphor for denial Rosie I had not considered that..

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It took me a little while to make the connection with 'crawling into a bottle' - perhaps because of the milk bottle image that radio 4 used.....although the author obviously obscured that association too by refering to a ship in a bottle.He said: ”Damien Molony, who was on Being Human, I’ve always thought he’d be terrific. My ideal choice would either be Damien or Chiwetel Ejiofor, who I think would be absolutely terrific.’ Whithouse added that he is sad to see Peter leave the role, but can understand why he decided to move on.‘He came on to the show to work with Steven [Moffat]’ he said, ‘but he’s an amazing ambassador for the show.’ Damien played vampire Hal from series four in 2012 until the show ended the following year.I noticed the Radio 4 blurb mentioned that stories were specially commissioned so presumably she got noticed either through those publications or through some sort of workshop. I'm not sure how 'comedic' it was...I like your description 'light' domino - it did feel light, and a bit quirky...mildly amusing....right up until the rug got pulled out from under me and I felt very disturbed, but kinda not sure if i should feel like that and immediately needed to listen to it again to see if I'd got it!Which is genius....I'm not sure how I'd feel about it if I hadn't had the opportunity to listen again.Do you think your sympathy for the character might be influenced by how you feel about the reader?I found the character deeply creepy and disturbing in so many ways!Molony starred in Toby’s supernatural show Being Human on BBC Three, so is well aware of his acting chops.In an interview with Digital Spy he described the Suspects star as a ‘terrific’ choice to step into the TARDIS when Capaldi’s Doctor regenerates at Christmas.Either way I'm quite disconcerted by the amount of sympathy I feel for this man!And this story has definitely rattled around inside my head since i first heard it....

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