D39link validating identity dir 615

If static works then you can just use that ip from now on two. I didnt have a problem before at my old house, but that was with a netgear router (still with virgin media) but now I have a d-link router.Ok, have just checked that and that is set up correct to automatic.... CPL and click OK), right click the Wireless Network Connection and select "View Available Wireless Networks.Highlight the one that matches your router's SSID (network name) and click the button to Connect.

Sunt varzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....e un conflict pe undeva. M-am uitat intr-un help(nu prea am rabdare sa citesc), dar nu am gasit nimic care sa ma ajute! te rog pe viitor sa revii cu mai multe detalii ce ai facut ce nu merge exat plus printscreenuri cu setarile routerului. banuiesc ca problema vine de la modul de comunicare. ma gandesc serios daca ma descurc cu noua interfata. depinde foarte mult de ce ai tu nevoie si de ce iti poate hardwareu oferi. Deci ma gandesc ca daca altii nu au aceasta problema mai mult ca sigur ca setez eu ceva gresit la router.

Hello, I've just set up Virgin Broadband at home and can connect to the net via the Etheret Cable... apparantly, my network is set up properly, it says that it is connected to this network...

but the wireless icon says 'Limited Connectivity' and I cant open up any webpages, even though the network is set up properly but the status says Validating Identity??

Just to rule out the dhcp which assigns you a ip address.

If not first of all go to tcp/ip settings in network connections and make sure you have it to automatically assign you a ip and dns address.

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