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We heard details about their lives in passing, but didn’t see much play out in the episodes. And he already knows who he wants to play his wife.It turns out, the cast is already brainstorming things they could bring into the next season. “We were all joking about who it could be because [Joey lives] in Vegas now. You know, would it have been like Elizabeth Berkley?Cameron Bure told Now that their kids are growing up — daughter Natasha graduated from high school last spring — Candace said it's easier for the couple to have alone time.They celebrated their 20th anniversary last year with a romantic Pebble Beach, California, getaway, enjoying horseback riding and champagne al fresco.

Bring is a producer and photographer whose media company, Bring Media, creates content like behind-the-scenes fashion videos and book trailers.He may have been a forever bachelor on Full House, but Dave Coulier is a soon-to-be married man.Us Weekly reports that Dave Coulier is engaged to long-time girlfriend Melissa Bring.We all kind of laughed,” the actor told is definitely a strong possibility.Fans have gone totally nuts for the reboot, and are begging for more on Twitter.Dave Coulier wasn’t the only one saying “cut it out” in his relationship with Nicole Curtis!Radar can exclusively reveal that Curtis, 40, and Coulier, 57, were engaged for a brief period of time — and she almost followed him to California to start a life together.Coulier told the magazine that he is lucky to be marrying his "best friend" (aww!) and that she "doesn't mind his bad gas problem," which immediately killed any sweetness to that statement because, uh, gross.There are obvious storylines: When DJ starts dating again, who will she choose? Season one covered a lot of ground, but there are a lot of Tanners/Fullers/Gladstones/Katsopoli left to explore.We got our fix with alright, but there weren’t nearly enough appearances from the OG adults: Danny, Joey, Jesse and Rebecca. He wants to introduce his wife and kids who are mentioned, but never seen.

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