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Movies and TV shows tend to make the girl- or boy-next-door scenario seem like the ideal way to find love, but what if your soul mate happens to live across the world?

If you’re only looking in your area, you’re never going to find them. Best Overall | For Marriage | For Professionals | For Seniors Let’s start with dessert first, so to speak, and tell you more about the overall top international dating websites.

That’s why it’s the one topic we’d discuss if we had the chance to talk with every young couple who’s reading this.

I’m self-employed, which comes a long with a mixed bag of good and bad implications.

One bad one is that it’s much harder to buy a house. Of course, there’s abundant grace when you’re in Christ.

(Note: the source of your counsel is just as important as the counsel itself.We both knew the end game was a lifelong commitment to each other. If you want more, there’s a good book by Matt Chandler called “The Mingling of Souls“.Definitely check it out if you’re engaged, dating, or seeking wisdom for when you are. This post won’t be exhaustive by any means, but I do hope to hit on some of the big topics “daters” should consider. Like marriage, buying a home is a BIG decision with huge consequences.Selena and I are happy to share that we just purchased a home! Oddly, I see quite a few parallels between the two.In our opinion, these are the reasons Match is the best online destination for international dating. It’s not overtly discussed in scripture, and those living somewhere between single and married often ask us for advice.After all, both require serious commitment, investment, time, and energy.Surely marriage is a much bigger commitment than buying a house, but I’m hoping that our experience will prove insightful…so here we go!This guarded us from getting fixated on the external qualities of the home whilst missing bigger underlying problems.When dating, it’s VITAL that you surround yourself with honest, godly counsel.

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