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It fostered the view that his regime was preferable to its opponents. Rex Tillerson and Nikki Haley erred badly by announcing, just days before last week’s sarin attack, that the Trump administration had no plans to depose Assad. But, unlike their predecessors, the secretary of state and U. ambassador deserve credit for learning from that mistake—as does the president they serve.

It showed Tehran that it could drive a hard diplomatic bargain over its nuclear file, given that the administration was so plainly desperate for face-saving excuses for inaction. They gave the dictator reason to believe he had as little to fear from this U. The core of the problem in Syria isn’t Islamic State, dreadful as it is.

Le champion de l’Amérique d’abord et de la non-ingérence surprend tout son monde …

Avec le bombardement d’une base aérienne syrienne d’où aurait été lancé une attaque chimique de populations civiles …

The administration punted a vote to an unwilling Congress. And it spent the rest of its time in office crowing about its success.

In July 2014 Secretary of State John Kerry claimed “we got 100% of the chemical weapons out.” In May 2015 Mr.

They figured a credulous press wouldn’t work up a sweat pointing out the difference.If so, does that willingness to use force enhance deterrence?(probably); does it also risk further escalation to be effective?Trump apparently hit a Syrian airfield to express Western outrage over the likely Syrian use of chemical weapons.Just as likely, he also sought to remind China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea that he is unpredictable and not restrained by self-imposed cultural, political, and ethical bridles that seemed to ensure that Obama would never do much over Chinese and Russian cyber-warfare, or Iranian interception of a U. warship or the ISIS terror campaign in the West or North Korea’s increasingly creepy and dangerous behavior.Obama boasted that “Assad gave up his chemical weapons. That, in fact, has been confirmed by the organization internationally that is charged with eliminating chemical weapons.” This January, then-National Security Adviser Susan Rice said “we were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.” Today we know all this was untrue. Anyone paying even“discrepancies and omissions related to the Syrian government’s declaration of its chemical weapons program.” But that hint of unease didn’t prevent her from celebrating the removal “of the final 8% of chemical weapons materials in Syria’s declaration” of its overall stockpile.The following summer, The Wall Street Journal’s Adam Entous and Naftali Bendavid“U. intelligence agencies have concluded that the [Assad] regime didn’t give up all of the chemical weapons it was supposed to.” In February 2016, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper confirmed the Journal’s story, telling Congress “Syria has not declared all the elements of its chemical weapons program.” Why did Mr.They can’t outrun responsibility for the consequences of their lies.Voir aussi: Hall of Mirrors in Syria Victor Davis Hanson The National Review Corner April 10, 2017 Syria is weird for reasons that transcend even the bizarre situation of bombing an abhorrent Bashar al-Assad who was bombing an abhorrent ISIS — as we de facto ally with Iran, the greater strategic threat, to defeat the more odious, but less long-term strategic threat, ISIS. Mais où après avoir tant critiqué les guerres d’Irak – prétendus mensonges sur les ADM compris – et d’Afghanistan ou appelé à la retenue sur la Syrie … Où l’on redécouvre non seulement en Syrie les armes chimiques soi-disant inexistantes de Saddam Hussein …

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