Nothing I’ll admit I was surprised when some people questioned the idea of buying a present at all.

Some explained that in their culture it was not the done thing to give a gift to a teacher (make note all you students in Sweden).

Unless, like me, your supervisor is not a big drinker.

In Australia, being a non drinker is considered a weird thing (I know – it says something about our culture doesn’t it?

Have a look at this post on Christmas baking for some ideas.

Just make sure you don’t give your supervisor food poisoning…


Some people had no idea what to buy and expressed interest in such a post because the etiquette for this situation is so opaque.My student told me that, in his culture, it was a sign of respect for your teacher if you give them a ‘permanent’ kind of present.It was his way of telling me I had made a difference and I was touched.Performers like Sammy Strips, Freak7_7Show, Jada Kai, Zhaddie Grey and many other CAM4 stars also came out the AEE’s to party like rockstars with their fellow CAM4 Camily!When they weren’t busy looking amazing and taking pictures with fans, they got a little bit of media attention: Remember us when you’re famous, Sammy! Hot porn star Adriana Checkik checked out some of Zhaddie Grey’s ass-ets in the CAM4 ball pit 😉 Jada Kai looks absolutely MAGICAL as a unicorn at the CAM4 booth 🦄 Zhaddie Grey and Lala_Capri are looking extra juicy before the Naughty Nine cam show 🍑 The one and only Sammy Strips takes a break for a mid-selfie shot. What do you think porn star Josh Moore is wearing underneath those balls?As I highlighted in my story, experiencing the gift giving norms of another culture can be delightful.Wine / chocolates If you do decide to give a gift, in Australia wine is considered a safe, socially neutral choice.Five years ago, a student gave me a little brass plate on a stand with an etched view of Hong Kong harbour.I am no stranger to the odd bottle of wine or box of chocolates, but a little brass plate on a stand was unexpected kind of gift from a student.First there is the question of taste, as illustrated in this clip from the Big Bang Theory where Amy gives Penny a huge painting for teaching her how to be ‘cool’: The rest of the episode revolves around Penny hiding her horrified reaction to the ugly painting and her efforts to avoid hanging it in her house, but in such a way that she wont hurt Amy’s feelings.However sometimes, like Amy, we want to give a gift that shows how much we care and value our teachers; store bought wine and/or chocolates can feel like a cop out.

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