Building dating from the beginning

This is particularly important when the space itself is not a traditional religious setting.

The opening words invoke a spirit of love and healing to prevail.

Setting the Tone Opening remarks set the tone and create space for what people are feeling.

When you enter a space to honor someone who has died, you don't want to wait long before hearing what it is that has brought you there.

Whatever it is, it will come across as much in the presence of the person speaking and in the preparation of the meeting space as in the words spoken.

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Not long ago, I attended a memorial service that was planned and conducted by a friend of the bereaved family.

A memorial service is less like a variety show and more like a musical composition or a woven fabric.

Readings and Music Readings and music nourish the soul, ground the spirit, and invite emotional release.

They are not essential to the basic structure of a service, but they are often included for their power to offer spiritual nourishment and to touch universal chords of human feeling.

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