Best friend dating little sister

I decided to ignore the whole thing and hope it would go away, I mean they live thousands of miles apart.

But after I had been away for like a month, I got an email from my friend saying she hopes I have the heart to forgive her, she flew my sister out on a secret trip to visit her, and they really like each other.

My sister decided to fly into town under the pretense of attending my party for me, but it was very clear this was just a ruse to run into my friend in person, as I’d just seen my sister two weeks before.

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I was angry and upset, though, so I wasn’t very good at biting my tongue, and everything I said to one seemed to get back to the other.And I was full of unfocused anger and blame back then. I stepped on people’s toes and felt hurt when they got angry about it.I was a confessional, confrontational mess, and when you’re like that, people don’t exactly bend over backwards to address your complaints, no matter how terrible you might feel.They didn’t want to tell me until they knew they were serious because they didn’t want to upset me if nothing was going to come of it anyway.Last year I had a super devastating situation where I was betrayed by a friend and as a result I know I’m hyper sensitive to that kind of thing, but I was really upset by how this all transpired. When I was in my twenties, my two closest friends in the world — my best friend and my exboyfriend — started sleeping together.Particularly because I never forbid them from dating each other or anything, never flipped out, and when I was directly asked I said it bothered me and that’s it. In The Middle, But Left Behind Dear ITMBLB, Most people who read your letter are likely to think: “They found love. I was fine with it at first, excited for them and surprised that my best friend (who took me out to lunch to tell me) thought it was going to be an issue for me.There was no need for them to handle this like they did. There are a lot of potentially good things about this: I think they could make each other happy — at least I know I’ll like my sister-in-law! Then I found out that they’d kept it a secret from me for over a month, and everyone else I knew already knew about it.Dear Polly, Recently one of my best friends since childhood started dating my sister (whom I am also super close with).They seem pretty serious about each other and I want to be okay with it, but I’m having a really hard time with it.At the time, I felt like I’d been standing still on the sidewalk when an eighteen-wheeler swerved and flattened me in an instant.Later, I wrote this cartoon about the unethical, self-serving behavior of urban hipsters.

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