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(AP Photo/Eric Risberg) (AP2012) It’s December 1985 in Sydney, Australia. Something is not right with their 16-month-old child. The ward is nearly deserted, but there is one overnight doctor – a young man with a smiling face and an accent. At Stage IV, an infant has just a 5 percent chance of life. On every single count, traditional America both viscerally and ideologically sides with conservatism.

As he looks the child over, the smile evaporates: “I think your son has neuroblastoma. For three years, I underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and an operation. America thus represents the greatest impediment to leftist aims, and it becomes the prime target of the progressive movement in all its manifestations.

Charity and Aid When someone needs help, Americans are there to help them.

It doesn't matter if there is an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or even war.

If the product is great and stand out - foreigners are buying them.

Some popular brands that are selling abroad are Kitchen Aid, Tesla Cars, and Apple products.

The fact is that people in most countries in the world dreams of the same freedom that you find in America.

The whole idea of a free America was to include everyone from all cultures, backgrounds and religions.

They have followed the mainstream and willingly criticized America without inhibitions.

They have a built-in-pride in their country, which is beautiful to witness.

Margaret White, 5, waves from her porch as floats and marchers assemble for the start of the annual Fourth of July parade Wednesday, July 4, 2012 in Sausalito, Calif. On the night before Christmas Eve, with their child more unsettled than unusual, they head for the emergency room at Children’s Hospital. Notoriously difficult to diagnose, the tumor has usually spread by the time it is. Tellingly, all of these values are aligned with what today is called a conservative outlook.

I have only one advise to the American people: Go out and explore your beautiful country a lot more.

Inventors The bottom line is that America has invented almost everything there is to invent, and people all over the world can and are benefitting from your products.

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