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Until November 1999 not many people knew of Kate Spence.

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Eclipses in particular are relatively infrequent events and can be dated precisely.Since the date of a festival in the Greek lunisolar calendar only recurs on the same date in the solar calendar every eight or nineteen years, Dinsmoor identified a festival connected with a specific temple and was able to determine the exact year near the historically recorded construction date when the Sun rose in alignment with the temple on the date of the festival. The main ‘breakthrough’ hailed by the media concerns the accurate dating of the Great Pyramid by modelling the precession of the transit of two stars, Kochab (in Ursa Minor) and Mizar (in Ursa Major), at the north meridian of the sky.This calculation demonstrated that this illustration was not a copy of an earlier classical depiction of the position of the stars.The rapidly moving Moon is the most sensitive indicator for the exact time; if one can estimate the indicated position of the Moon to within a degree, the time of the diagram can be computed to within an hour.As viewers may remember, Kate was especially chosen to give a critical blow to the Orion-Giza correlation theory.Actually Kate had done a bit of TV some time before, when she had been ‘discovered’ in 1995 by BBC’s producer Chris Mann of the to investigate mysteries of the past.John Steele has proposed three questions that must be asked when dating an event: Does the record refer to an actual astronomical event, or is this merely a modern assumption?If it does refer to an actual astronomical event, is the source reliable?According to Kate Spence, “The ancient Egyptian Pyramids of Giza have never been accurately dated…Modelling the precession of these stars yields a date to the start of construction of the Great Pyramid that is accurate to ±5yr, thereby providing an anchor for the Old Kingdom chronologies” Dynasty onwards to anchor their pyramids to true north, and (b) that because of this technique the alignments of their pyramids fell into ‘error’ due to the precessional shift of the stars (which only aligned in simultaneous transit with true north in 2467 BC).

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