Are george clooney and amy poehler dating

He covered Pitt's car with a bunch of bumper stickers, some reading, "I'm gay and I vote," and "Small Penis on Board." "People were honking at him and waving," explained the pair's co-star Matt Damon.

"And he thinks it's because he's Brad Pitt and he's waving back." 2.

Just a touch, because that's all you need, just a touch.") The pair skewered George Clooney's dating habits so righteously during their opening monologue, the camera crew had time to cut to six (! Poehler even wedged in a joke nobody over the age of 20 in the room got ("A lot of nominated shows are on Netflix this year.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Netflix, because you're not going to be feeling so smug in a couple of years when Snapchat is up here accepting Best Drama").

The streak ended at Saturday night’s Creative Arts Emmys, when Poehler won for outstanding guest comedy actress.

The award, which Poehler shared with Tina Fey for co-hosting the Christmas episode of “SNL,” was historic in another way: It’s the first time a duo has been nominated for the guest performer category, according to the Television Academy.

Amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, was an adviser to Kofi Annan regarding Syria, and was selected to a three-person U. commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza Strip.

"We're really good friends," Stamos, 51, told . There were times when I was out with guys and I was like, ' Oh, I think I might be on a date, but I don't know," she revealed.

It was a date in my eyes." Poehler, 43, doesn't usually spill about her personal life. And John is…" Stern cut in with, "Ridiculously handsome? "We were having dinner and I was like, ' Oh, maybe this is a date!

John Stamos is as smitten with Amy Poehler as everyone else. But Howard Stern got her to dish about the "maybe date" with Stamos that happened after her September 2012 split with her husband of nine years, Will Arnett.

A month after Poehler mentioned to Howard Stern that she and Stamos once went on what she thought might have been a date, Stamos has confirmed that he considered it a romantic outing. "It was new and weird," the star said of dating at the time. I got married in 2003 and all of a sudden I'm like, ' Oh, right now you text somebody.' That was new.

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