Are amanda righetti and owain yeoman dating

" (The would-be groom thankfully held onto the ring himself).

And not only did Cash help with the proposal, but he walked his best bud down the aisle, too.

He also starred in Chrome Skull: Laid to Rest 2.[6] In 2013 it was confirmed that Yeoman and co star Amanda Righetti were leaving The Mentalist after season 6.

[7] Personal life Yeoman was previously married to actress Lucy Davis, from December 2006 to October 2011.

After several projects and success as a model, she was first launched as an actress in ' Pilot' where she embedded herself as recurring character in teen drama.

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He was born in Bayonne, New Gersey and is a cherished American film director and tv commercial directors as well.

Yeoman was born and raised in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales, where his parents still live.[1] He graduated from Brasenose College, Oxford, earning a MA in English Literature and was a member of the OUDS and Oxford Revue.

He had planned to continue doctoral studies but was not able to secure a grant.[2] Instead he worked at a bank in Canary Wharf, London before enrolling at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to study acting.[3][4] Career Yeoman made his film debut as Lysander in the Oscar nominated film Troy.

"I was completely upstaged," Yeoman admitted to at the end of this season, the show's sixth.

But apparently Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt are tying the knot on Oct. (Two episodes into this season and Rigsby hasn't proposed, so presumably only Thomas Jane saw this coming.) Here's hoping nothing mucks up the newlyweds' happiness by season's end.

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