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[IMG]https:// There are failings enough to go around, but in all reality, I think a self centered society is an androgynous society the only love we have time for is love of self.If someone isn't able to get over that, they shouldn't be having kids.It has also been featured in a television spot for the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, in an episode of the television show The Vampire Diaries and in 2013 Boston Red Sox World Series championships.In 2013, American Authors won Overall Grand Prize in the 18th Annual USA Songwriting Competition with their song "Believer".


I sure don't want my daughter marrying a seventh son of a mother who hated being at home.

I have done none of the things this individual describes yet I am somehow accountable for them?

No.[/quote] [U][B]This woman hating POS belos should be on moderation: [/B][/U] [quote=Spartan718;13779713]My mistake, I thought I was speaking to an intelligent being. Why even post here, since Jew SA is good for you.[/quote] [quote=Alista;13779728]Let the woman bashing continue. There are guys out there who are able to elicit respect and admiration from their spouses and whose spouses follow them willingly.

postcount=1#post12906255"]SF'S POSITION STATEMENT ON THE SEXES[/URL], and when someone puts the shoe on the other foot it's all sour grapes.

Wah.[/quote] [quote=Alista;13779708]That is your opinion, but I think you will find if you examine what I posted that he was responding to, his response was complete and utter non sequitur.

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