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Don’t comment on what I’m wearing or how I look doing it. So yes, that tag, Fierce and Sexy: what I By nature of what we do, our bodies end up formed a certain way, and for some people it is a pleasing look.I’m not out there showing that off because I want to have slo-mo videos of me acting like a Baywatch star.” – Lanni Marchant Reed: I didn’t know you when you were a child athlete growing up in a large family here in London, but knowing you were a figure skater, I sense you were highly competitive even back then. And at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what I look like running. Reed: You’re not afraid to make a statement, though.’ and for those of us that run in little bra tops and little bottoms, all of a sudden I’m not allowed to say, ‘Hey, when I cross that finish line and I set the Canadian record and it was a 28-year-old record, I have every right to ask you to comment and speak to me on my performance.If you like how my butt looks, that’s your prerogative.

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When a male athlete speaks his mind, he’s pushing buttons with bravado.

Marchant remained critical of Eriksson’s handling of athletes.

“A lot of us breathed a sigh of relief and maybe Athletics Canada can become more athlete centered now,” Marchant said of Eriksson’s departure. I don’t think he was fulfilling everything we needed from a head coach.” Adams, meanwhile, lashed out at Marchant, calling her a “low-performing athlete” who is “just not competitive internationally.

Whatever I was tweeting, or posting on Instagram or on Facebook, is Lanni. So, when all of a sudden people felt that they had some right to comment on me because they’ve made me a public figure, well, all I’ve done is run fast.

There’s this blend now of celebrity athlete – athlete first, celebrity second hopefully.

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