Adult webcam meeting

To learn more, click the VOLUNTEER button above (the e-mail address is there, too! Based on Lily's past performance, we expect that by the end of the week there could be 4 or 5 eggs in the scrape.

We won't get to see all of them, but, as the birds move around, and turn the eggs, we will catch glimpses of them from time to time.

We will know for certain in the next few hours if Ossie starts bringing meals to the nest.

If you go to our facebook page, one of our members posted a video capture of Lily removing the shell.

To save time and money, please register online here.

Events follow the rules regulations defined by Alpine Ski Nova Scotia and Snowboard Nova[...] Nova Scotia FIS and U15 Snowboard Cross Snowboard Nova Scotia will be hosting a FIS( 15) and U15(13-14) Snowboard cross event on Feb 18-19th. This event will be hosted at Martock on a larger and more difficult Snowboard Cross course.Thursday, May 25, 2017 - No small white ball of fluff has followed the appearance of a broken egg shell on May 16, but Lily is still faithfully in the incubating position at the east end of the nest ledge.This is long past the normal 35 day hatching time for the egg(s) laid in early April.With decades of experience in special construction, safety and rescue fields, we ensure a safe and fun experience for you and your family.Thursday, November 30, 2017 - Great news for falconwatchers!Neither adult has visited the scrape today, not even for a moment.Falcon watchers are encouraged to see them both repeatedly poking around the original 1995-2014 scrape, in the far corner.If there is a chick, it may be up to a week before it moves enough to be seen by the camera. We think so, but with the scrape hidden from our camera view, we are basing this opinion on how Lily now spends most of her time nestled in that corner, and the fact that Ossie is now occasionally taking a turn sitting there after bringing Lily a meal (picture at left).Friday, April 28, 2017 - Volunteers needed in June/July for our on-street watch. You choose your own 2-hour shifts from the online listing of available volunteer shifts. All we ask is that you e-mail us to register, attend a (2 hour) orientation meeting (to be announced, on a weekday evening early in June), and please show up for your shift(s) (or let us know at least a day ahead of time if you need to cancel). Oh, and if you have binoculars, that would be good! Judging by the activity we have seen in the last few days, we think laying may have begun Saturday or Sunday.Anyone who has offered to help out this year will be contacted with details. If you would like to help out please be sure to let us know by e-mail. This image of Lily removing a shell from the nest would seem to suggest that one has indeed hatched!Some sharp eyed watchers have noted that the opening in the egg seems rather small and are wondering if this is a failed egg, but we're hopeful that the fidgeting and fussing we saw earlier today was indeed about a hatching.

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