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It’s easy to see why millions of customers agree that Fritz’s Wieners are the best thing since someone thought of putting a bratwurst in a bun! Today they are serving up Cardrona lamb, Wakanui brisket and Dunedin 'happy' pork.These meats are smoked low'n'slow over fruit woods until juicy and tender, then served in a soft roll with their tangy slaw and home-made sauces. The infamous Hell's special recipe tomato base, mozzarella cheese, herbs and spices.Once again the Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA) invites you to ‘The Brewer’s Table’ – an opportunity for you to expand your mind about craft beer.Every hour, on the hour, from midday to 5pm, people involved in the craft beer movement will be on hand to talk about craft beer related topics.Their most popular selection of pizzas are available at the festival today from their mobile HELL Pizza caravan.GF options available, along with their expansive selection of drinks and sides. Healthy lunch options, homemade, free range and locally sourced where possible.The delicious foods available will further lift the senses and more importantly fill your tums, and with over 30 venders participating, there should be something there to satisfy!Take a piece of the festival home with you with Ami’s Henna & Beauty.

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Pair with their house-made naan breads; plain, brushed with butter or with garlic. The burger experts have whipped up a sensational selection for the festival, including premium beef, venison and gourmet hamburgers.Try one of their teppan teriyaki sandwiches or Japanese fried chicken brown rice boxes.Smoked Marlborough return with their incredible barbequed manuka- smoked bacon, avocado and rocket rolls.The best Californian style burritos outside of Cali.They magic them into existence using a crazy super-hot steamer to soften and heat the tortilla and then melt the cheese before they fill your burrito with the good stuff.SOBA also invites you to head along to their marquee at any time to find out about more about who they are and what they do, or just to chat with fellow beer lovers.They can even sign you up on the day if you’d like to join them.Don’t forget to top off your frozen treat with their decadent range of sauces.Electric Pukeko Hats is a fun, fashion forward hat brand providing Kiwis with the latest in head wear and eye wear trends.There will be an amazing selection of breweries at this years festival - including all your old favourites along with new craft beers to wrap your taste buds around.With such a huge range of beer styles available its sure to be an enlightening experience.

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