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The app can also pick out one face from a crowd of many Making yourself look like a zombie is perhaps one of the scarier features of the app, and the effect is seemingly quite real.

If so and you would like to make a different guess, go HERE to guess again. Pete 2/6/18 OK everyone, if you want to guess when the first egg hatches click HERE.

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We don't limit you to just swap per photo either, you can switch as many times as you like on a single photo before you save it.

Just mentioning that there’s a lot that goes into keeping these cams running, not the least of which is dealing with hardware maintenance, malfunctions and expense. Pete (scroll down for “egg updates”) 2/2/18 : Egg #1 January 21 at approximately pm Egg #2 January 23 at approximately pm Egg #3 January 25 at approximately pm Egg #4 January 28 at approximately am Egg #5 January 30 at approximately pm Egg #6 February 2 at approximately am If you’d like to see an egg being laid click HERE. Also, thanks go to Patti and Meg for organizing an “egg pledge”. If you already made a pledge, please click that link as well and re-enter your pledge. Nobody currently home, but they were coming and going last night. It’s pointed higher and more left than I think it needs to be.

This won’t double your pledge but just serve as an easier way for us to track. Pete 1/5/18 I bought a new cam for the watering hole and am about to replace the one that’s there. Am working on eliminating the annoying time/date stamp, etc. Pete 12/10/17 PM PST The new cavity cam is up and working, at least to the basement where the servers are.

But I think I have the mic live to the servers and will now ask Jorge if he can sync it with the cavity cam. 12/11/17 4PM PST I’m going to go up and realign the cavity cam now. In the meantime I can tell you that both BNOWs returned to the cavity not long after I came down, poked around in it, and there was some bonding. Nonetheless, I hope to get the cavity view back up asap. For any tech nerds, it’s about switching over from analog to HD-TVI cams and configuring the Linux server to stream them at a higher bit rate.

This will get resolved, but if not in the next day or two I can go up there and install a separate IR light source for the cavity cam. However, I really want to get the new higher def cams installed.

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