12 year old dating advice

But I think he’d agree that his effectiveness at work is as much a product of his own first-hand knowledge as it is a result of his training.

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Working full-time as a mentor in a residential treatment center for troubled teenaged girls, he’s been able to transform his own youthful experiences with addiction and recovery into a gift to others who are struggling.

Jack isn’t attached to being right and he doesn’t get flustered, the way we parents so often do.

Yet when he speaks of the young women with whom he works, I hear the pride in his voice, especially as he describes moments of growth and change and healing. And as it turned out, Jack really was the perfect person for me to call.

Let her be figure out who she is — in her own time and in her own way. Do what you can to keep her safe, and then abide quietly through the hard times, each of which has a lesson to offer.

Honor your child’s unique, unpredictable, inevitably painful journey into selfhood.

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